Dapplets/SOWA - Secured Open Wallet Architecture

Hello friends!

There are new Articles about S.O.W.A - Secured Open Wallet Architecture.

Part 1: Introducing S.O.W.A. – Secured Open Wallet Architecture
Part 2: Implementing S.O.W.A. – Secured Open Wallet Architecture

What is it about?

S.O.W.A. — is a general chain agnostic standard for scripts running in the Wallet’s sandbox and describing both the confirmation View and the Action execution plan.

What is the advantage?

  1. Interoperability between Wallets.
  2. WYSIWYS Views.
  3. Suitable for a wide range of hardware and security requirements.
  4. Modular and extensible architecture.
  5. Transaction batching (User confirms one Action starting many transactions).
  6. Allows gas payments for infrastructure providers like Wallets, Bridges and Relays
  7. Easy to audit; explicit specifications and audit status.

We have started work on S.O.W.A. because we need the standard for our Dapplets project and believe it would be useful for many other projects too.

Our work is still in progress, but we hope to start a discussion between Wallets and DApp developers to create new standards for better UX and interoperability.

A lot of thanks to @danfinlay, @JamesZaki and @ligi for their support and feedback!