Medium: Dapplets (part 1): introduce new Dapp architecture for better UX and security

This article is about why we have started the project.

Current web3 based architecture suffers from the “UX vs. Security” trade-off. Solved equally for all workflows, it leads either to poor UX or poor security. Another flaw: current architecture can’t reach existing legacy sites with millions of users.

The new proposed Dapp architecture solves both problems by splitting workflows into two groups: the “UX-focused” and the “Security-focused”. The former are usual Dapps running in the usual browser and the latter are Dapplets running in the Signer’s secure environment.

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Are you planning any localization support for the UI part? Can you please tell a bit more how the multiple button, pictures etc versions will work?

I’m not sure I’ve got the idea completely: What if the augmentation feature will manipulate the hosting website. How you ensure the security?

It is a good question. We have not implemented it yet, but it needs to be done for sure.

The Adapter module is responsible for creating buttons. It could probe the environment and load the correspondent i18n bundle. In this case, all buttons will become the same locale and the Feature remains locale-independent.

Would it be sufficient for you?

The default security setting will require a valid audit status for any module being inserted into the page.
This audit status may be “derived” from the contract audit status or gained separately. Features will be very easy to audit. Adapters are more complex, but they need to be audited only once for all supported Features.