The Lootbox dapplet


The Lootbox dapplet allows you to host airdrops and giveaways directly on your social media page, where all of your followers can participate.

The airdrop is presented as a clickable image of a special box. When the Lootbox is made, the creator loads it with tokens or NFTs and selects the number of possible winners. Once the Lootbox has been posted anyone who can view your social media page is able to participate in the lottery.

The Lootbox dapp is a great tool that helps facilitate airdrops and giveaways, making them more fun and convenient. No more complicated mechanisms, and randomizers, your followers simply need to click on the Lootbox once to receive their prize.

The dapplet can be used by community managers, companies, or just really generous individuals.

How to

To create the airdrop all you need to do is:

  1. select a Lootbox design (currently there are 5 available)

  1. set the parameters

  1. fill it with tokens or even NFTs.

You then need to post a small code in the form of a link on your social media page.

Users who have the dapplet installed will see a clickable Lootbox image instead of the code.

To start the lottery process the user simply needs to click on the Lootbox.

If the user wins, the prize is sent directly to their crypto-wallet.

Every user is only able to play the lottery once.

The dapplet prevents malpractice by users with multiple accounts. The dapp links your social media account to your crypto-wallet, thereby making it impossible to use different accounts to play more than once.

If the user doesn’t have the dapplets extension installed, he will see a link instead of the Lootbox.

The link will redirect him to the airdrop webpage, where a set of instructions will explain how to join the lottery.

Future development

The dapplet is a useful tool for community managers and can also be used as a loyalty-building mechanism. Right now the dapplet is in the final stages of development. After testing and releasing the dapp on the mainnet, we’d primarily like to see mass adoption by different communities and platforms.

We believe it significantly facilitates the airdrop process and makes it much more entertaining for the community. In the future we see the dapp being used by crypto investment communities, enterprises (for internal HR needs), and NFT marketplaces.