Twitter Tipping Dapplet


The Twitter tipping dapplet was created together by the Dapplets Project and the Learn NEAR Club

This dapp allows you to send and receive NEAR tokens as tips on Twitter.

Useful or important tweets can now be rewarded financially. This makes the dapplet a perfect tool for community managers. With the dapplets’ help, they can motivate and evolve community members.

The Tipping dapplet can help communities expand and flourish.

Financial motivation is not new as a concept, but the Tipping dapplet makes it easier, faster, and more fun for the community.


The Tipping dapplet works in desktop Chromium-based browsers.
The dapplets’ main function is donating NEAR tokens to Twitter users.

At the moment you can only tip a user’s specific Twitter post. This means that you cannot send a tip to the user through private messages or just to their profile.

You can also receive donations from other users.

You can receive tips without installing the tipping dapplet but they will only be visible to you once you have the extension installed. Once the dapplet is running you can claim all your tips.

The dapplet works by linking your Twitter account to your NEAR wallet.

This means that there are two steps to using the Tipping dapplet.

  1. Connecting your NEAR wallet.

  1. Linking it to your Twitter profile


It must be noted that the dapplet charges an extra fee of 3% on each donation, and 0.002 NEAR as a one-time fee for linking an account.

At the moment the standard tipping amount is 0.05 NEAR. This number can be changed to anything you like in the user settings.

Ideas for future development

The Dapplet is still new and there are many ways it can be further developed and improved.

The first priority and the most desired update overall seems to be mobile browser integration.

Another highly desired feature is automatic messages (or possibly a bot) which would notify the users when they’ve been tipped and by whom. This could be done directly in the comments to the post which has been tipped, or in the users’ personal messages (or both).

It might also be convenient to implement a dashboard with the users’ tipping history. For some users, who receive tips frequently, this could come in handy (so they could see which posts have been tipped and who tipped them).

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