Video Comments Dapplet


Video comments is a dapplet that allows you to comment specific moments in a video. The comment can be placed directly in the video itself. It appears in the form of a fun sticker and text which you can view in an overlay.

Video comment’s main asset is its ability to quickly and easily communicate things that would previously take legitimate time and effort to explain.

Video comments makes communication faster and teamwork easier. It facilitates collaboration on any presentations or projects. The dapplet also has potential for online teaching, as video comments makes watching any video material interactive and encourages discussion.


Video comments’ basic functionality is the ability to add stickers to specific moments directly in the video itself.

To use the Video comments dapplet you must connect a MetaMask or any other crypto wallet.

After installing and running the dapplet you will find that you are able to use it on any video in Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Edge, and Brave browsers by pressing a button like this (image below)


The dapplet has an overlay where you are presented with a collection of different stickers.

In this overlay you can add a comment to every sticker you insert in the video.

Comments can also be added without any sticker, simply by placing a key point in the video timeline that’s displayed in the overlay.

You can add stickers to the video by pausing it on the specific moment that interests you, or you can also add them by placing a key point in the timeline.

The overlay has two timelines. One for the video itself and another one for your comment.

When you place a sticker you can choose for how long you want it to be displayed. The standard comment length that’s displayed is 30 seconds. You can change this number In the first timeline - the video timeline.

The second timeline is the timeline of your comment, it’s created to make your sticker placing more precise.

As video comments is also able to create moving stickers, you can use this timeline to place key point for your sticker and show its trajectory. You can also do this directly in the video itself.

You can use the preview player to see how your sticker is going to move.

Ideas for future development

The Dapplet is still new and there are many ways it can be further developed and improved.

One direction which is worth considering is making the dapplet useful for non-video objects (jpg. pdf. files) as well. The ability to leave comments on any object on the internet and share it with your friends might be useful for multiple purposes.

The current version of video comments is missing a reply and tag feature which would be a great addition if users are to have active discussions in the comments.

One of the major areas where video comments could successfully be implemented is online teaching. To be used for this purpose however it needs several updates.

As most of the time students are children, unfamiliar with crypto, there needs to be a classic login option without wallet use.

The option to create sessions where only the people added to them could view and leave comments to videos would be the first priority. The ability to create multiple sessions, in this case, should also be considered.

In order to track individual students’ progress, it would, again, be convenient to implement a tagging feature, but also a word search option.

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