Welcome to Augmented Web Community!

Disclaimer: the forum is quite new and currently in the bootstrap mode. Please start with #publications and then continue with #augmentedweb. Thank you!

Web3 gives sovereignty to the content creators and website authors. It is good, but not good enough.

Users can still be guided by dark patterns created by a selfish author. This is possible because the owner has full control over the website. Community has no technical way to place a warning banner over the malicious webpage. From the other side, the user has no way to reach out to the community if he got banned by the website owner.

This is the point where we started to work. We want users to regain sovereignty over the UX, to the most possible extent. One way to achieve that is to allow a user to configure UX elements augmenting the target webpage without owner’s consent or most importantly without his knowledge.

The self-sovereign UX layer is implemented above the existing one, which is provided by the browser. UX elements in this augmentation layer can be created by independent developers.

There are many aspects and topics related to what we going to do:

  1. #AugmentedWeb
    Here we discuss various implementations of Augmented Web like protocols, plugins, browsers and integrations cases. The idea leaves many implementation details up to implementors. That is why good and bad implementation examples will appear and need to be discussed.

  2. Augmented Everything
    Let’s go futher and imagine what else we can augment. All about VR, AR, real life augmentations. Smartphones, glasses, VR/AR gears etc.

  3. Publications
    Media publications about #AugmentedWeb, AR/VR and implementing ideas. If you find something interesting, feel free to share it with the community.

  4. Dapplets Project
    Dapplets Project is building an open #AugmentedWeb Infrastructure for decentralized apps (dapplets), all powered by crypto technologies.

  5. Community & Governance
    Augmented community created for making proposals and project governance. Anyone who shares our values can make new proposals and share our common success.

Thank you for joining.